Solution 2: Inaccessible Boot Device in Windows XP ( WINXP )

Load mass storage drivers for new motherboard during setup:

Specifying a third-party controller driver during Setup should be necessary only if Windows 2000 does not contain a driver for your SCSI adapter, CD-ROM drive, or special disk controller, or if Setup does not detect your hardware correctly.  To select a third-party controller during Setup:

1)      Obtain the correct driver file from the motherboard or controller card maker.  Copy file to a floppy disk.

2)      Change motherboards.

3)      Place Windows2000 Setup CD in the CDROM-Drive, reboot, and boot from the CDROM.

4)      Early during the first phase of Setup, at the "Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration" screen, press the F6 key ASAP; (F6 quickly to prevent drive controller detection).  Then press “S” to specify an additional device.

Alternate: During the first phase of Setup, press F8 to troubleshoot, and choose boot up in Safe Mode.  Press F6, then press “S” to specify an additional device.

Note:You do not need to install the ATA-100 driver during the WIN2K install process on a non-RAID IDE motherboard; WIN2K will simply treat it as an ATA-66 drive. Once Setup is complete,  install SP2, and WIN2K will see the drive as ATA-100.  If the drive is on a SCSI or RAID controller, you must use the 3rd party mass-storage device <F6> option, or WIN2K doesn't see the drive.

5)      Win2000 setup will now ask for a TXTSETUP.OEM disk.  Place the TXTSETUP.OEM disk in the floppy drive, and press Enter to continue.

6)       Windows installs the correct driver.

7)       To continue with Setup, press Enter



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