Solution 4: Inaccessible Boot Device in Windows XP ( WINXP )

Boot using UDMA33, then load correct UDMA66/100 IDE drivers for new motherboard:

1)      Obtain the correct driver file from the motherboard or controller card maker.  Copy file to a floppy disk.

2)      Attach hard drive to IDE 1 or 2 with a 40 pin cable. ID this HD in bios.

3)      Boot up the system using UDMA33.

4)      Go to device manager and highlight MASS STORAGE CONTROLLER.  Go to properties, change driver; put the UDMA66-100 driver disk in the floppy drive. Update the driver on one of these MASS STORAGE CONTROLLER lines.  When asked to reboot, do NOT reboot right now.

5)      Highlight the other line of MASS STORAGE CONTROLLER, perform the same operation as the first line. When asked to reboot, YES.

6)      When the system starts POST, turn off the power.

7)      Attach HD to the UDMA66-100 port using 80 pin cable. Be sure the ends are attached per instructions in manual. Remove the 40 pin cable from the system (unless there is a CD-Rom, burner, extra HD etc. intended to connect using a 40 pin cable).

8)      Power up the system.  Go into bios and remove the HD previously detected. Just say "none" if you do not have anything attached to this port.

9)      Save and exit.

3)      Once the IDE drivers are disabled, exit and reboot.  On reboot, Win2k will load the standard default IDE driver and should startup.




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