Problem 4: Inaccessible Boot Device in Windows XP ( WINXP ) - Page 2

Click on update driver.

Click next

Choose "Display list of the know drivers for this device"

Select the standard dual channel PCI IDE Controller.

The device driver has been changed to it's default. If you are prompted to reboot, say no.
Now let's do the same for the USB driver. Right click on it, go to properties. Update driver. Choose "Display list of the know drivers for this device".
Select Standard Universal PCI to USB Host Controller.

So, in short, you would have to change all the drivers below to it's standard driver.. The standard drivers have allot more compatibility with allot of different hardware.
You may notice that you don't have the same drivers (fewer, more, ect..).. Doesn't matter. All that matters is that any driver that has the word INTEL be changed to it's standard.
Here's a pic showing what driver you'd have to change.

If your network card is not the same, uninstall or disable the driver..

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