Problem 4: Inaccessible Boot Device in Windows XP ( WINXP ) - Page 3


Go to add/remove programs and remove any bus mastering driver.
Take the time to write down the brand/model of your motherboard, sound card, modem, video card. Once you have all that.. Take the time to download all drivers and put them on a CD.

Do a  shutdown.
Now take the hard drive and put it into the new computer/change motherboard.

It should boot up no problem (no blue screens!).. But you will see that it found new hardware and will attempt to install those new devices.
Some drivers should be automatically updated. So you don't have to do anything.
But for other devices, You will get prompted.. Example for sound drivers, NIC card drivers, video card drivers, ect.. So take out the CD you made earlier and install all your devices.

Make sure you download and install the chipset drivers for your motherboard and that you install them on your first boot up. Will make the computer allot faster.

Reboot and your done.

If the above didn't work for you.. Go here for more suggestions:  problems.htm

Good luck.

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