This article was sent to us by Erik Tremblay.

I wanted to thank you for your website. I successfully upgraded my motherboard with your help. Here is something I sent to other technicians in case they get the same problem. Maybe you could post it on your site.. Thanks again.

After you change motherboards, or move the Windows system (boot) disk to another computer with a different motherboard, you may receive the following blue screen stop message when you try to boot-up:

***STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF741B84C,0xC0000034,0x00000000,0x00000000)

This error message is caused by windows trying to load your old motherboard chipset drivers on your new computer.. But can't because the drivers it needs are different so it crashes with INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE error. Happens with Windows 2000 and XP.



(You could try using a utility called SYSPREP. I tried it and was unable to get it to work properly. Still got blue screens.)

Here are the steps I took to fix it: 
You have to log in as administrator on your old computer.
That done, go into start, settings, control panel. Go to system, hardware, device manager.
Basically, all you need to do is change any driver that has the word INTEL to it's default driver. So let's start with the IDE ATA/API controller drivers.

Right click on Intel and go to properties. Go to driver.

Click on update driver.

Click next

Choose "Display list of the know drivers for this device"

Select the standard dual channel PCI IDE Controller.

The device driver has been changed to it's default. If you are prompted to reboot, say no.
Now let's do the same for the USB driver. Right click on it, go to properties. Update driver. Choose "Display list of the know drivers for this device".
Select Standard Universal PCI to USB Host Controller.

CLICK HERE FOR IMAGE (Image to large for page)

So, in short, you would have to change all the drivers below to it's standard driver.. The standard drivers have allot more compatibility with allot of different hardware.
You may notice that you don't have the same drivers (fewer, more, ect..).. Doesn't matter. All that matters is that any driver that has the word INTEL be changed to it's standard.
Here's a pic showing what driver you'd have to change.

CLICK HERE FOR IMAGE (Image to large for page)

If your network card is not the same, uninstall or disable the driver..

Go to add/remove programs and remove any bus mastering driver.
Take the time to write down the brand/model of your motherboard, sound card, modem, video card. Once you have all that.. Take the time to download all drivers and put them on a CD.

Do a  shutdown.
Now take the hard drive and put it into the new computer/change motherboard.

It should boot up no problem (no blue screens!).. But you will see that it found new hardware and will attempt to install those new devices.
Some drivers should be automatically updated. So you don't have to do anything.
But for other devices, You will get prompted.. Example for sound drivers, NIC card drivers, video card drivers, ect.. So take out the CD you made earlier and install all your devices.

Make sure you download and install the chipset drivers for your motherboard and that you install them on your first boot up. Will make the computer allot faster.

Reboot and your done.

If the above didn't work for you.. Go here for more suggestions:  problems.htm

Good luck.

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