Solution 1: Unmountable Boot Volume in Windows XP - Fix using CHKDSK

Your computer will not boot returning the error "Unmountable boot Volume". This is usually caused by a corrupt "BOOT.INI" file.

Access the recovery console from your Windows XP CD by booting of it. Unfortunately some manufacturers CD's do not have this option, but if you download the Windows XP boot disks you will be able to use the Console.

Download XP boot disks from here (May require 6 blank floppy disks)

Once you log into the recovery console type the following command "CHKDSK /P". 

chkdsk /p

Another option to try, which was sent in from "Maria in Atlanta", which she found that worked was to run the "FIXBOOT" command. To do this simply type "FIXBOOT". Using the "FIXBOOT" command without any parameters will write a new partition boot sector to the system partition you are logged on to


Now  reboot the computer. You should be able to log into Windows.

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